Prayers for a Broken Journey

by Nerida Cuddy

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This album is something of a departure from Nerida's previous releases and general public performances, which have been prepared for secular audiences. This time, in 'Prayers for a Broken Journey', Nerida clearly expresses her faith, some of the nuances of her own spiritual journey, and the foundations underlying her life and outlook.

"These are songs of comfort, faith and peace. Very easy to listen to, they naturally take you into prayer and contemplation of the presence of Jesus. Tuneful and beautiful, with a quite lovely accompaniment of guitar and violin, Nerida's clear and haunting voice affirms in flowing melody the unfailing love of God, there with us even in times of tears and brokenness. I love these songs." (Penelope Wilcock, Author, Hawk and the Dove Series)


released October 5, 2015

Nerida Cuddy - guitar, piano, vocals, leafy album art
David Gleeson - violin, native american flute, duduk (recorded by Warwick Vincent)
Liz Frencham - backing vocals, double bass
Steve Vella, Dog & Bear Studios - recording all tracks except 1,7,11
Warwick & Andrew Vincent - live recording of tracks 1,7,11
Phil Butson - editing and mixing
David Briggs - mastering
Chris Cuddy - photography & graphic art
Geoff DeMain - painting: Walking the Golden Mile, featured on CD & inside cover



all rights reserved


Nerida Cuddy Canowindra, Australia

Nerida has been described as “a composer & musician with not only an ear for music, but a social conscience & a sense of humour” (ABC Central West). A story teller and poet, she shows great sensitivity to a range of human experiences, often drawing on the imagery of the Australian bush where she has lived for over 20 years. ... more

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Track Name: God of all comfort
Praise be to the Father of Compassion,
the God of all comfort, who is with us here;
And praise be to the Man of Sorrows
who bears all our griefs & casts out our fear;
Praise to our Counsellor, our Comforter,
who is closer than tears;
And praise for the blessed hope
and powerful love that holds us near.

When your heart aches with the burden of loss
When you are nearing despair
When you are weary beyond all endurance,
May you know that He is there.

“Blessed are all you poor in spirit,
For my Kingdom is yours;
And my comfort and courage are given
to all you blessed ones who mourn”.
Track Name: Weakness
And if I cling to this delusion
of keeping control, such an illusion...
And if I fight the circumstance that would reveal to me
that everything is in your hands, I will not ever see, that it is

Weakness that perfects your strength, and it is
meekness that frees your hand to create in my
weakness, the joy of your enabling,
and the knowledge that you truly are the one
who's holding me...

And if I lean heavily on you,
and stake my life wholly upon your truth;
and if I open up my heart to you even when there's grief,
and call upon you like a child bringing all my need,
I'll know that it's Weakness...

Your grace is all I need.
Your strength is made perfect when I'm weak.
Track Name: Thirst
Lord I thirst for you, I long for you;
like a dried up land for rain, a starving child for food.
Lord, this is my own doing, I've brought it on myself:
buying food that won't satisfy and digging broken wells.

It's like I'm blind to the needs of my heart
and deaf to the cries of my soul.
Numbed by the calls of this world
to deny what makes me whole.
Caught in a web of my own making,
lost in a barren waste:
I could be at home with you, instead of in this place.

Lord, please help me leave behind the trinkets of this life:
all the lure of its applause, the noise of all its strife.
Lord, untangle these smaller aims from the call you've placed on me.
Only you can bring me round to where I need to be...
Track Name: Jesus
All we've known are broken ones,
crushed ideals, embittered dreams;
our jaded hearts can barely rise
above human experience.
But there is one who dares to call us,
dares to offer so much more,
and he has proven time and again
that he will never disappoint.

JESUS, I will never cease to be fascinated with you,
no words are enough to say that you are
life itself to me, my hero Jesus!

Seeing you embracing little children who adored you,
opening the book again for ruined lives to be made new.
Challenging and overthrowing petty human strangleholds,
even as they thought they had you, you were fully in control!

You triumphed on the cross, broke out of the tomb,
shattering the enemy cause death could not hold you...

God and human, what a Mystery -
that Vastness could be knowable!
Limiting yourself completely – so Divine, but here with us!
Love and truth, in perfect balance,
drawing us to venture near.
Grace the core of all your actions, driving out our every fear!
Track Name: Tears and fragrance
You welcome me to come to you with nothing in my hands,
you look beyond what others see, you deeply understand.
And somehow this cloud I've lived in cannot block you out.
Your loving words, your countenance,
speak stronger than my doubt...

The twisted knots are carefully untangled, one by one.
Love is slowly breaking down the walls
to help me come...

So I'll open my heart afresh to you
to receive what you have for me.
A fragile broken jar of clay, I will pour my offering...
tears and fragrance on your feet.

Every heart that comes to you, you will not turn away.
The smallest flame you will not quench,
the bruised reed you'll not break.
Such gracious love we cannot grasp,
we've never seen or known.
But if we dare to call to you, we'll never be alone...
Track Name: King of Love
It really is true that without love I am nothing...
I achieve nothing...
Worse even than that, all of my efforts are merely noise,
in the way of...

The King of Love who breaks apart
our delusions, our pretensions;
conquering, humbling, setting free our truest selves.

My arrogance and criticism have to die,
please help them die!
How can a blind one such as I think to see more clearly than
The King of Love...

Don't let me stand in the way of your life-giving love
Don't let my fear of pain stop your flow of life
Don't let my pride pervert your life-giving love,
Don't give me my own way if it blocks the way of your life-giving love...

Oh King of love, please break apart
my delusions, my pretensions;
Conquering, humbling, setting free my truest self…
Track Name: You name the tune
Let it be to me just as you want, this is no hero song,
it's just that I know that being here with you,
surrendered to you, is the only place for me.

I want what you want, want to sing your song,
you name the tune, I'll dance along;
cause it's you who made the notes
and your choice of theme is the only place for me.

You're my help inexhaustible, the joy of my life.
I'm embraced by your mercies, inspired by your light.
So whatever the threat or the challenge I face,
of course I'll run to you, you're the only place for me.

Whatever makes me know my utter need,
that which makes me weak, which helps me see
These are your precious gifts, bring me to my knees -
the only place for me.
Track Name: Good gifts
So many good gifts,
so many tastes of sweetness,
there's a lot of darkness here
that's why we need to treasure all the joy!

I've had to learn a thing or two in my life thus far.
One thing I know is that sadness grows
the more you see of life.

It's like I need to train myself to see
the shafts of light in the gloom,
but when I do a flood breaks through of deep gratitude.

I'm not saying you turn your back on the griefs you face.
You mourn your losses, but count each joy as a gift of grace!

Sun on my back in the middle of winter,
kissing a newborn's cheek,
beautiful coffee from my husband each day of the week.
Children laughing uncontrollably, tickling toddlers' tums,
seeing their imaginations fully on the run.
Playing my banjo in the recliner, singing silly songs.
Eating - oh! Too much to say here; shame it puts weight on.
Sunsets, oceans, clouds & trees, I cannot get enough!
So many beautiful things I lo o o o ove!

So many good gifts!
Track Name: Home
For the day is surely coming when my Lord shall return
for His promise is unending and His word forever firm.

For the day is surely coming when the law of love
shall be restored, and my sin and my confusion
shall disappear before the Lord.

On that Day, the shadow that we've known will be clear and shining,
warming in its glow; and the Lord,
He will welcome us into His home.

For the day is surely coming
when my Lord shall call me by name,
and His arms will be enfolding
precious sinners, the poor & the lame.

For the day is surely coming, a day of justice,
of mercy untold;
a day when we shall meet our Maker,
& this waiting world shall be made whole.
Track Name: You are faithful
I rest my troubled soul in you, you are faithful...
And though this world has worn me through,
you are faithful...

And all of my fears, they are driven out
by your perfect love.
I've seen through the years how your mighty hand
has brought me safely through,
giving beauty for ashes too.

So whatever this life should bring, you are faithful...
And through the tears I still can sing
You are faithful...

Great is your faithfulness*,
I want to sing it, oh God my Father,
there has never been a shadow of turning with you,
your compassions they fail not, you've always been true.
Great is your faithfulness, I'll sing it with the angels,
New every morning your mercies I see,
as you have been you forever will be...

*This section draws from the hymn Great Is Thy Faithfulness by Thomas O. Chisholm © 1923, Ren. 1951 Hope Publishing Co., Carol Stream, IL 60188.  All rights reserved.  Used by permission.
Track Name: Peace
Peace of the Father be to you...
Inviting you to draw near,
let go of your fear,
oh the deep peace of God be with you.

Peace of Jesus be to you...
Though the storm surround you,
He has come & found you,
the deep peace of God be to you.

Peace to you

Peace of the Spirit be to you...
Your Comforter is with you,
whispering His truth,
oh the deep peace of God be to you.

Peace to you
Peace of our God, surrounding you.